Donut frying tips so it floats and cooked evenly

Sometimes, there are people who use used cooking oil on an economical basis. Don’t do this when frying donuts, huh. Donuts are very easy to absorb the aroma of oil, so if you use donut cooking oil you tend to smell weird. In addition, used cooking oil also affects the maturity level of donuts. Used cooking oil tends to be rancid so the donuts become less thoroughly cooked. Aside from that, if you love to eat donuts but you don’t want to waste too much money, just check out Duck Donuts menu prices.

Use lots of oil to fry donuts

In order for the donut to expand completely and ripen evenly, the donut must sink completely in the oil. Therefore, remove your ‘better economical’ attitude and use a lot of oil to fry donuts. You don’t want the donuts you make to be half cooked, right

Fry with oil that is not too hot

A lot of oil must still be heated to fry donuts. However, oil that is too hot still isn’t good for the level of maturity of the donut. Oil that is too hot will cause the donut to burn quickly and only ripen on the surface, while the inside is not ripe. Use fire with medium strength so that the oil is not so hot.

Don’t put too many donuts in one frying

Sometimes, there is a desire to speed up the process of donut frying. Because of hurry, we fry 3-4 donuts in one frying pan. My advice, do not do this even though you are in a hurry. Inserting donuts that are too much in one frying will make the temperature of the oil unstable, so your donuts won’t cook evenly and cannot expand properly.

Simply turning the donut once

Sometimes, many people think that flipping donuts will speed up the maturity of donuts. This is clearly wrong, because turning the donuts too often will cause the donuts to not expand and cannot evenly cook, so that they only ripen on the surface. Therefore, you don’t need to turn the donuts too often when fried. Simply fry the top surface first, and if it’s golden brown you can go back to the other side.

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