Looks Fresh, It’s Some Types Of Plants That You Can Put In Apartments

Apartments or a condominium of course in the city center. There you will find it difficult to see something refreshing. So, all you have to do is bring something fresh to your apartment. One of the condos or apartments you can choose is a parc esta condo. you will get many benefits there.

In presenting a fresh atmosphere in your apartment, all you have to do is plant a small plant in your parc esta condo. There are several types of plants that you can put in your apartment, such as

– Cactus
Famous as a thorny plant that does not need a lot of water to make cactus becomes the main choice for new students to take care of plants. Although you can live in little water conditions, that does not mean you can leave it without ever watering. Just flush it once a week with a little water.

– Anthurium
This plan was very popular and owned by almost everyone. While in bloom, this plant will produce beautiful flowers and interesting to see indoors. It becomes a beautiful and natural decoration that you can put on the corner or on the table in your apartment.

– Lavender
Purple color that is on this plan can be a sweetener in the room that attracts attention. However, this plant needs maximum sunlight and is more suitable to be maintained by the owner of the part with a high unit and facing east or west to get enough sunlight. In addition to decorative plants, lavender also serves as a natural room deodorizer.

– Aloe vera
Often used as a medicinal plant with various functions, many people also use aloe vera as an ornamental plant. Just like the tongue-in-law, aloe vera plants do not need frequent watering. If you thrive, you can use it for hair fertilizer or aloe vera ice cream ingredients.

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