The common types of foundations that have been used in many buildings

The foundation can be classified into three types, namely shallow foundation, deep foundation, and the combination of plate foundation and pile. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to check out the excellent fix slab foundation service near your area.

Shallow Foundation (Shallow Foundation), which is included in the shallow foundation are:

Local Footing.
Continuous Footing.
Foundation Plate (Plate Foundation).

It is called a shallow foundation because the depth of entry into the soil is relatively shallow, only a few meters into the ground. One type that is often used is the usual continuous foundation in houses, made of concrete or masonry, continuing loads from walls and columns of buildings to the hard ground.

Deep Foundation (Deep Foundation). Used to channel building loads through the weak soil layer at the top to the harder bottom layer. Examples include Piles, Drill Poles, Emperor, and the like. The mention can vary depending on the discipline or market. For example Foundation Piles (Pile Foundation)

The type of foundation used in a building plan depends on the type of soil and the burden that works on the location of the project plan.

Direct Foundation (STAHL)

Direct foundation (Stahl) is used in soil conditions: “good”, that is by soil hardness or soil sigma = 2 Kg / Cm2, with hard soil depth less than 1.50 Cm, the groundwater conditions are quite deep. Materials used for this type of foundation are usually used: stone, mountain rock, or mashed concrete.

Poor Plate Foundation

The foundation of the poor plate is used in land shape with sigma between 1.5-
2.00 kg / cm2. The foundation of the poor plate is usually used for building buildings 2 –
4 floors, with good and stable soil conditions. The component of this foundation is
the reinforced concrete. To measure the dimensions of this type of foundation, it must be with the calculation of reinforced concrete construction.

Sumuran Foundation

Well, the foundation is used for unstable soil, with sigma less than 1.50 kg / cm2. Like the former landfill, the location of the land is muddy.

Even Foundation (Slab Foundation)

The evenly distributed foundation is used in extremely soft land texture. Also used for underground flooring/basement of a building.