Weight Lifting Exercises That Effectively Increase Weight

If you want to gain weight, it doesn’t mean you don’t exercise at all. It’s the best way to increase your weight with exercise. One of the most effective exercises to gain weight is weight training. However, you should not be careless. There are a number of movements and weight lifting techniques that are suitable for you who crave ideal body shape. You can visit TACFIT to get a guide on how to gain muscle.

Types of weight training for weight gain
To gain weight, you need to increase body mass. Well, weight training can replace fat mass with muscle mass. Increasing weight with muscle mass is healthier than increasing weight with fat mass. Easy or not increase muscle mass depends on each person’s body shape. People who have large bone structures or are easier to build muscle than those with long bones. So to get optimal results for each body shape, weight training must be done regularly.

1. Deadlift

Deadlift is heavy weight training by lifting the barbell from the floor to the level of the hip, then put it back on the floor. This is a basic exercise that is usually done with squats (half squat motion by bending 90 degrees and leaning your body and back slightly forward) and bench press (lifting weights in a lying position).

2. Barbel lunge

Same as the usual lunges movement, the difference is you have to hold a barbell on both sides of the body. The way is easy enough. You must stand up straight, move one leg forward wide enough so that the knee of the leg that is behind hits the floor.

3. Pull up

Pull up is the movement of body lifting by relying on the strength of the hand. You will rest on a higher hand. How to stand under the support pole, then reach the pole by jumping. Lift your body up slowly until your neck is higher than the pull-up bar.