Choice of Themes for Your Photobooth

Not only for children, this Indian tribal awning can also be used as spot photographed at a sacred wedding. To make a vintage tent theme photo booth, you can use old school chairs, unfinished wooden tables, used wooden boxes and lace fabric to make the tent. If you like a more girly theme, you can choose tent fabric according to your favorite colors, add rugs or chairs, various cushions, and fresh flowers to make it look elegant.

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In addition to Indian themes, you can also create tropical plants 3D themes. Pamor plants or more precisely tropical leafy plants on the rise now, you can use as a backdrop photo booth as well. Rather than arranging these plants on the floor as in general, create a vertical wall of life using tropical leafy plants such as ferns, deer antlers, dollars and so on. You can also use artificial trees with thick leaves to add the impression of a ‘tropical forest’, then decorate with various flowers or butterflies that are hung by a ribbon.