Do You Plan to Build The Fan page on Facebook?

With so many services you can choose when going to the market for the needs of social media marketing, which one will you hire? The idea of choosing social media marketing services will help you grow your business with the choice of right digital marketing. If you then choose to focus on Facebook, make sure you really understand how to make your marketing works as well as you expect. Do you also plan to build the fan page aside from purchasing more likes and followers of your social media account, Facebook especially.


Building Fanpage is the beginning stage of Facebook marketing. In Facebook Marketing. advertising on Facebook is not the first step to start promoting our business. the first thing to do is build a Fanpage. Certainly not arbitrary Fanpage that we will make. The fan page we will create is a different Fanpage from the others but still in the same category. What does it mean?

Facebook will display a Fanpage that has the topics searched for. Find as many Fanpage that do have the same topic as us. Then after that will we do? Of course, we will look at it then imitate and modify it well. Try to be better than our competitors’ Fan page. Is it just like that? Not yet. there are still other stages that we must do to build Fan page in order to reflect that our business is a quality business for our prospective buyers.

Make Fanpage as attractive as possible? Yes, of course. Interesting here does not mean a lot of content or often publish on our Fan page or even publish content that comes out of our business topic. Interesting here is that the information contained in it can be trusted and its content interesting to see. What does that mean? Examples like the following: Fanpage using our Business brand name instead of using the name of the service from our business