Glyserine Vegetable Content on Your Vape Liquid

Glyserine Vegetable is a kind of Glyserine whose basic ingredients are 100% derived from vegetables/plants, there is no mixture of animal ingredients or materials other than plants. In contrast to glyserin which is sold in any chemical store, all are ordinary glycerin whose main ingredients can come from animals, plants, and other addictive ingredients. Visit our website to turn concentrates into e juice.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) has a little sweetness that also makes it sweet and tastes a bit difficult to detect. While PG gave users dry mouth, some vapers complained about phlegm reaching their throat after using Vegetable Glycerin. And also some vapers say they don’t get HIT on the throat Like throat hits are obtained from the use of PG liquid. Because of its high consistency, VG Liquid produces more steam and does not cause allergic or irritation reactions as often as obtained from Propylene Glycol.

The ratio of VG size greatly affects the sweet taste and thickness of water vapor, and also the level of viscosity in liquid. VG has properties that can absorb water so that it will make our throat dry quickly.