The recommended DSLR cameras for the new photographers

You have a high interest in photography but do not have a camera yet? Want to buy a camera but still confused to choose a DSLR camera that works for you? Well, this time DIY camera will give you recommendations in choosing the best DSLR camera that is suitable for beginners to distribute his photography hobby. However, if you want to step into the field of wedding photography, make sure you’ve gained some experienced first, and also equip yourself with the high-quality equipment.

DIY Camera recommends the following 5 DSLR cameras:

Nikon D5200

The Nikon brand camera has a large picture resolution of up to 24.1 MP with ISO reaching 25,600 AND 39 points Auto Focus with full HD video recording capability, as well as easy-to-use features, it is very suitable for beginners, coupled with the size of the kit lens 18-55mm.

Canon Rebel T5i (Canon EOS 700D)

The second recommendation of a good DSLR camera for beginners is Canon Rebel T5i. By carrying the 18 MP camera and has a sensitivity of ISO reached 25,600, this camera is perfect for beginners because it can produce perfect photo quality in a minimal luminous place. Not only that, this DSLR camera can also record full HD video and a rotatable LCD camera that allows beginners to use it, including when used to create vlogs.

Sony Alpha SLT-A58

Sony’s DSLR camera is recommended for beginners because Sony Alpha SLT-A58 has 20 MP sensor and there is SVGA OLED viewfinder feature that is very helpful for beginners to get the best photo quality without the need to make many settings. this camera also has a resolution of 20 MP.

Canon EOS 60D

One of Nikon’s very good camera for beginners is Canon EOS 60D. This camera is suitable for beginners because it is equipped with sensors that can improve images and video drastically. Equipped with a resolution of 18 MP camera, Canon EOS60D is also equipped with battery life that is superior compared to other low-entry DSLR cameras.

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