Tips for building an earthquake-resistant house

To minimize the effects of the earthquake, use a simple and symmetrical building plan, meaning that it is not in the form of L, U, T, and so on. If conditions are not possible, you can do structural separation or dilate in an asymmetrical plan. For example, the T-shape plan will be two to three rectangular rooms after dilating. This dilation aims to make the open wall areas become “boxes” or enclosed spaces. Apart from that, if the foundations are damaged due to natural disasters, then you may want to hire the recommended Dallas Foundation Repair.

A solid foundation

Build solid, hard, and stable residential foundations on the ground so that the building load can be properly withheld. Place the stone as a foundation using a mixture of cement and sand, to surround it without interruption at an angle of 90o. Place the Sloof * which is firmly bound by the ** column above the foundation. Between foundation, sloof, and column must be mutually binding. In order to get stronger, attach the anchor between sloof and foundation. Enable the column like a house pole by giving a wall area of 12 m2 for each column. Each column must be firmly embedded into the foundation and must be tied with a traveling beam.

Lintel on the door and window frames

Wide openings such as doors and windows require lintels or beams to be placed just above the frame. Lintel serves to hold doors and windows from being “thrown” from the wall when experiencing strong shocks and residents can still save themselves without worrying about falling doors and windows.

Light building material

Light building material is a material that does not overload the building structure so that it can reduce the risk of damage and is not too dangerous for the occupants if it collapses due to the earthquake. Examples of lightweight roofing materials for roofs include zinc or shingles.

Build earthquake resistant houses according to existing standards and procedures, ranging from cement mixing and column installation. For cement, choose one that has a special formula. The high-quality cement with Micro Filler Particle formula, fine micro mineral granules capable of filling cavities perfectly and providing strength from the inside so as to provide a smooth and strong end result.

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